Hagiwara Solutions Industrial-Grade eSD (Embedded SD) Memory

Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD (embedded SD) memory provides a forward-thinking solution to embedded computing memory, without the need to install specialist controller software as most microcomputing devices already feature an SD interface.

eSD memory can serve as an ideal replacement for NOR flash as a boot memory for your system while at the same time offering SLC (Single-Level Cell) NAND flash functionality in a smaller footprint than separate devices. With more reliable data retention and a longer supplying period than eMMC memory – which mainly uses MLC/TCL (Multi-Level Cell / Triple-Layer Cell) NAND flash technology – Hagiwara Solutions presents designers with an all-in-one solution that is faster than NOR flash and features extended capabilities that save cost when integrating NOR flash and other memory devices separately.

Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD devices are available in an industrial 100-ball BGA (JEDEC standard) package with an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C. Operating at 2.7-3.6 V using an I2C interface, these SLC NAND devices come in 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-GB capacity options, with up to 100,000 P/E (Program/Erase) cycles per block (4-16 GB options). These support up to 208 MHz (104 MB/s) operation at 1.8-V signalling for the 4-16 GB options, or 50 MHz (25 MB/s) at 3.3-V signalling across the whole product range.

Additional features include Hagiwara Solutions’ life prediction tool and wear levelling function to assess the condition of the device – this is particularly useful in industrial deployments – read disturb management with a new active refresh function to refresh the devices before data errors occur from reading data stored in a boot loader or kernel, and robust operation during forced shut down.

You can learn more about these devices in the following flyer, which also details Hagiwara Solutions’ convertor evaluation board that can be used to test their eSD technology in the standard SD card form factor.

If you’ve got a commercial application where you would like to test Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD memory, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch to facilitate evaluation of these innovative devices.

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