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Best-of boards 2023 – Memory: Hagiwara Solutions’ embedded SD memory for robust builds! 

ipXchange only covered a handful of memory solutions in 2023, but this one stood out from the crowd with a truly original take – we haven’t been able to find a direct alternative yet – and an evaluation board that is so on point that we could not help but smile when we first encountered it.

ipXchange’s winner of best memory discovery in 2023 is Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD (embedded SD) memory chips, which take the familiar, easy-to-integrate SD card and puts it into a JEDEC standard package for direct mounting onto your PCB. You may be wondering why you’d want an SD memory storage solution that cannot be easily removed, so let’s walk you through what made this so interesting to us at ipXchange.

Firstly, most microcomputing devices already feature an SD interface, so there is no need to install specialist control software when using Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD memory. Additionally, eSD serves as a great alternative to other boot memories in an all-in-one footprint; it’s faster than NOR flash and more reliable than eMMC while being pin-compatible for direct replacement.

Best of all, since this SD memory is directly soldered onto the PCB, it is much more robust than a standard SD card in a holder if you’re designing a product for use in a punishing, high-shock-and-vibration application such as industrial robotics or drones. That said, we at ipXchange can also see eSD being used in wearables, consumer electronics, and more.

And let’s not forget the evaluation board, which terminates in an SD card form factor for the easiest evaluation of the technology in existing builds. A literal just-plug-it-in job! Learn more of the technical specifications and watch the interview by following the link to the board form, and go test this market disrupter yourself by filling out an application form for your next commercial project.

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Hagiwara Solutions Industrial-Grade eSD (Embedded SD) Memory

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