BIWIN Industrial eMMC & ePOP Memory ICs With Integrated LPDDR

BIWIN presents design engineers with many solutions for robust or streamlined memory integration in embedded systems. Its eMMC solutions are available with 5.0 or 5.1 interfaces in a typical package size of 11.5 x 13.0 x 0.9 mm (LFBGA153b) for capacities ranging from 8 GB to 256 GB.

At present, BIWIN offers capacities of 16 GB to 64 GB for its industrial-grade eMMC memory, which has an operating temperature from -40˚C to +85˚C (consumer grade is rated at -20˚C to +85˚C). The maximum sequential read/write speeds are exhibited by the 64 GB device (5.1 interface) for up to 270 MB/s and 230 MB/s respectively. BIWIN’s eMMC is powered by a VCC of 3.3 V, with a VCCQ down to 1.2 V.

In addition to these performance characteristics, BIWIN’s eMMC has an advanced power management system written directly into the firmware of the device to ensure the most efficient operation. This helps to prolong operating lifetime in battery-powered products, especially when accessing device storage is almost constant, such as in IoT sensor applications.

BIWIN’s ePOP (ePackage-On-Package) devices use BIWIN’s superior memory packaging technology to combine its eMMC with LPDDR for a streamlined, single-package memory IC that is well suited for space-constrained applications such as mobile devices and wearables. Designers additionally benefit from improved efficiency of operation over separate devices. Currently, ePOP memory is only available at consumer-grade specification.

BIWIN’s latest ePOP chip features a 12 x 13 x 0.7-mm PBGA144 package with up to 32 GB eMMC 5.1 memory and 16 Gb LPDDR4X rated at up to 1866 MHz and 3733 Mbps – for comparison, the smallest in the range is 8.0 × 9.5 mm. The maximum sequential read/write speed is specified at 230 MB/s and 120 MB/s respectively, and the eMMC portion operates with a VCC of 3.3 V, with the LPDDR4X portion operating at 1.8 V.

To learn more about BIWIN’s full range of eMMC and ePOP devices, fill out the application form below, and ipXchange will get you connected with BIWIN to assist in evaluation of this technology for your next commercial project.

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