Tuxera Reliance Edge Embedded File System For RTOS Data Preservation

Tuxera’s Reliance Edge embedded file system captures and preserves data to protect critical system and user data from corruption, especially in systems where power loss may occur. Reliance Edge is a copy-on-write transactional file system, so live data is never overwritten, and a system will always return to a last “known good state” in the event of power interruption. This solution performs with rapid recovery time and does not require system checks or clean-up.

The Reliance Edge file system is ideal for resource-constrained embedded systems, like microcontrollers, and it can be configured to use as little as 4 kB of RAM and 11 kB of code. It is a reliable solution for a variety of embedded applications, including smaller IoT devices, automotive, mobile and handheld, industrial, aerospace and defence, medical, and telecommunications.

Tuxera offers ports for many real-time operating systems, like FreeRTOS, GHS INTEGRITY, ARM Mbed, MQX, SafeRTOS, μC/OS, and eMCOS, and Reliance Edge works with industry-standard storage media options, whether that be HDD, eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, SATA, or PATA.

Tuxera also offers versions of their file management system for other operating systems such as Linux, VxWorks and Windows Embedded, as well as flash file systems, so it is certainly worth considering a discussion with Tuxera if your application requires reliable autonomous operation with a lot of media display or data movement. File systems can be customised to best fit your end use case and offer deterministic operation with unprecedented predictability, fastest recovery, and best-in-class data integrity.

Fill out the form below to start a conversation with Tuxera, who will point you to a free software download and NDA. Should you choose to evaluate Tuxera’s solution, their award-winning support team will guide you through the process all the way to implementation.

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