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Best-in-class shock-and-vibration-resilient silicon replacement for quartz oscillators in automotive and industrial applications

With a footprint compatible with quartz crystal oscillators, the SiTime SiT1618 is an ideal silicon alternative to older technologies, with improved stability in demanding environments and an ultra-fast lead time of 4 to 6 weeks, mitigating shortage risks.

The SiT1618 is available in 33 standard frequencies, from 7.3728 MHz to 48 MHz, and two temperature ranges, -40°C to 105°C or 125°C depending on your application. While the SiT1618B is often stated to come in a small 2.0 by 1.6 mm package, there are 4 other packages available for 100% drop-in replacement of quartz crystal oscillators, without the need for design changes.

The oscillator itself features ±20 ppm stability, 3.6 mA low power consumption with 1.8 V or 2.5 V to 3.3 V supply voltage options, and FlexEdge™ drive strength, which minimises EMI from the oscillator by using a slower rise/fall time. Additionally, the SiT1618 can be used to drive multiple loads, eliminating the need for additional timing components and lowering overall system cost. The SiT1618 is also highly reliable in high-vibration and high-g-shock environments, resulting in fewer product failures.

While the SiT1618 is designed as a crystal replacement or alternative in engine and transmission ECU, ADAS, automotive camera, and infotainment applications, SiTime make many other oscillators at frequencies outside of the 33 standards for this product. If you want to request a sample that is not the SiT1618, simply specify your preferred part when contacting us, and we will substitute it in our discussions with SiTime.

(All images sourced from SiTime)

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Drop-in replacements for your crystals oscillators

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