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Low-latency multi-touch sensing on any surface, even in electromagnetically noisy environments

Neonode’s proprietary infrared touch technology is among the most interesting of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) devices that ipXchange has covered in our quest to find disruptive technology. With multi-object detection to millimetre-level accuracy, at a rate of up to 200 Hz, this is certainly a touch solution worth checking out, especially if your application requires robust operation.

The use of an infrared light sheet as the sensing mechanism comes with many benefits over traditional capacitive technologies, such as high-accuracy touch detection at higher temperatures, in electromagnetically noisy environments, when the touch surface is wet/contaminated, or if the end user is wearing gloves during operation.

Since Neonode’s solution can be used on any material – digital screens, etched metal, plastic, wood, glass, fabric, etc. – the durability concerns of resistive touch mechanisms are also no longer an issue. The IR sensing basis and the innovative design of Neonode’s system also provides accurate detections in full sunlight or at night, both common problems in traditional machine-vision systems.

Let’s cover how easy this technology is to integrate into your design: Communication with your system can be done via I2C or USB, and Neonode’s modules come in a variety of lengths that can be configured for parallel or perpendicular projection of the light sheet. This means that you can have the sensor mounted directly onto the surface you wish to make touch sensitive, or around a straight edge within the device’s design for a more discrete implementation. Either option can also be mounted at a distance above the surface for touchless interaction, something that is particularly useful in medical and industrial devices.

For more details and a description of how this innovative device works, follow the link to the board form below, where you can watch our interview from The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show and also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial application.

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Neonode IR Touch Sensor Module Sample

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