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Machine vision made simple: Arduino’s Nicla Vision speeds AI development with easy integration

It’s ipXchange’s first ePoster of 2024, this time to summarise the key benefits of the Nicla Vision module by our good friends at Arduino.

If you’re looking to add some machine vision functionality to an application such as assembly lines, smart buildings, smart agriculture, security, or predictive maintenance, this 22.86 x 22.86-mm module is worth a look – all puns intended!

Not only is the Nicla Vision great for 2D AI image workloads – thanks to the 2-MP colour camera – the ToF (Time of Flight) sensor enables accurate depth perception at up to 4 metres* from the module, meaning that a photo will not be enough to break your face-recognition security system, for example.

In addition to machine vision, the microphone and 6-axis IMU make for other interesting sensor-fusion workloads, such as face+voice recognition or image orientation detection – the latter should be great for robotics applications!

Learn more about the Nicla Vision module here or by following the link to the board page, and apply for a sample if you want to put it to use in a commercial project.

If machine vision is not your thing, but you still like the idea of sensor fusion and low-power AI workloads on the edge, Arduino also has their Nicla Voice (sound and gesture recognition) and Nicla Sense ML (environmental, gas, motion, and magnetic-field sensing) modules, so check those out by following the links above. As with the Nicla Vision, each of these can be used as a standalone unit – thanks to the onboard Li-Po battery charging circuit and connector – or easily integrated into a larger system for a serious boost to new or existing builds.

Keep designing!

*Taken from distributor information about the individual ToF sensor.

Arduino Nicla Vision AI/ML Sensor Module With Bluetooth LE + Wi-Fi

Looking for an easier way to implement AI-enhanced machine vision in industrial-grade projects?

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