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“Making stuff simple…is very complicated.” Arduino’s mission to make Matter viable for all!

With so many wireless protocols used nowadays, the open-source Matter standard aims to ensure that future products can seamlessly communicate and interoperate with each other while retaining strong security in the highly connected world of IoT. 

A key challenge with uniting so many radio protocols – Thread, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mesh networking, Zigbee, LoRa, etc. – is the different understandings and definitions of the technology to each engineer. Arduino’s mission is “to enable people’s creativity by making complex technology simple to use”, so creating the libraries and tools for professional design engineers and makers to get started with Matter was a no-brainer to stay true to the company’s core values.  

Arduino’s soon-to-be-released Nano board enables easy integration of Matter into products so that 80% of your focus can be used for exercising your creativity, with only 20% required for setting up the system. 

While we wait for this gamechanger to come to market, check out Arduino’s industrial-grade PRO boards, MKR boards, and Nano boards by following the link to ipXchange’s user-defined board form, where you can discover Arduino’s microcontroller, wireless, and processor boards or register your interest in this latest Matter board. 

Keep designing! 

User-Defined Application Form For Arduino PRO, MKR, and Nano product ranges

Are you ready to experience the one wireless protocol to rule them all? 

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