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Modular IoT hardware/software solution slashes development requirements for fast time to market!

Libelium’s Waspmote marks a provocative topic here at ipXchange.

With options for 120+ different sensors, 15 radio technologies, and additional boards for physical connection to a variety of industrial protocols, this full IoT solution takes much of the work out of designing an IoT sensor node. This is especially the case as all software/firmware integration is also taken care of, with secure Over The Air (OTA) programming as standard so that your devices can be updated without removing them from their installations.

Whether you’re a hardware or a software engineer, perhaps you may be happy that half the work has been done for you, or maybe you relish the challenge of creating an IoT device from scratch. If it’s the latter, then Waspmote is probably not for you – that save in development time does come at a cost – but when push comes to shove, if you need a solution fast, Libelium has you covered.

It’s also hard to argue with the design flexibility provided by Waspmote and its ultra-low-power operation, which ranges from just 17 mA current draw when “on” to 7 µA in “hibernate” mode; this enables operation using batteries or harvested solar energy.

In any case, Waspmote features the provisions to add your own hardware if desired, so if you’re looking to get a rugged, industrial-grade IoT build to market by the next quarter, learn more about Libelium’s Waspmote IoT platform by following the link to the board page, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial application.

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Libelium Waspmote IoT Development Platform

Need a ready-to-deploy IoT solution yesterday? Learn more about Waspmote’s configuration options here!

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