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Murata’s Matter-ready IoT modules are tiny!

Smart home device interoperability does not need to be complicated. Matter is helping to fix what could otherwise be a fragmented market, so how should you get started? Murata has an ultra-compact IoT module for that…

At Hardware Pioneers Max 2024, ipXchange chatted with Mark from Murata about the latest, ultra-compact wireless modules in Murata’s huge lineup. And yes: these are ready for Matter!

As Mark explains, Murata’s IoT modules are produced in partnership with top semiconductor manufacturers like Infineon and NXP. They support Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth connectivity, with the small size and development environment the key differentiators from competing technology providers.

With the addition of Matter compliance to the latest modules, smart home and smart building applications are granted the benefits of IoT platform and protocol unification. For installations like smart heating and radiator control, Murata’s IoT modules enable you to simplify communication between different devices and create a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home.

As previously mentioned, the key benefit of these IoT modules is the compact size. The latest Wi-Fi + Bluetooth device (LBES5PL2EL), for example, comes in a shielded 7.7 x 8.8 x 1.3-mm package.

This is extremely competitive and provides you with more space for sensors and other peripherals that can really set your product apart from the competition. By not integrating an antenna, you are also offered more flexibility to suit the needs of your application.

Murata has partnered with Embedded Artists to produce some M.2 form-factor evaluation boards for testing Murata’s IoT modules and comparing them with other devices. Since these products are already mass-market, you can get your hands on them for commercial projects as small as 2000 units.

Learn more and apply to evaluate this technology by following the link to the board page below, where we look forward to seeing what projects you come up with.

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