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Single sensor detects 14 different gases while consuming <50 µW at 1 sample per second 

At least, that’s what ipXchange wrote the last time we covered VOCSens’ EnviCam-30, which was just after Electronica 2022. Let’s look back to this innovative device in the lead-up to Sensor+Test, where hopefully VOCSens will be exhibiting so that we can get a video. It certainly fits the bill!

To refresh everyone’s memory, VOCSens’ EnviCam-30 measures the concentration of ammonia, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, CO, NO2, and other chemicals that are to be confirmed once the device has been fully developed. This 10 x 5 x 0.9 mm chip is then paired with third-party temperature and humidity sensors so that the combined data can be used for regular system self-calibration in order to obtain the highest measurement accuracy, regardless of environmental conditions or aging of the device over a long deployment.

The low power consumption of the device certainly supports use of the EnviCam-30 in battery-powered IoT applications, and the wide range of detectable chemicals should also make it a useful device in many industrial environments.

Since we last wrote about this device, ipXchange has talked with VOCSens, seen some samples over video, and noticed that an evaluation board (pictured) has been added to their website; we’ve put a link to this board’s user guide on our board form. It looks like this evaluation board uses an 8-pixel (8-gas-sensing-element) version of the EnviCam with battery power as an option, implementation of which is detailed in the documentation. Surely this means that smaller IoT devices must be a target application!

I think we’re starting to get into the next phase in VOCSens’ EnviCam development, so learn more in our original article, and, as always, you can apply to test this technology using the link below if you’d like to use it for a commercial application.

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