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Six state-of-the-art sensors on a single evaluation board: The ultimate bag of design candy for an engineer’s Halloween hoard!

So, you think that your friend is the one pushing the oculus of that Ouija board you found in the attic the other day? With Rutronik’s Sensorfusion board, you’ll certainly know if there’s another presence in the room.

But all jokes aside – if you’re a sceptic – Rutronik’s Sensorfusion adapter board has six fangtastic sensors – OK, I’ll stop – from their leading sensor manufacturers. As with the text-to-speech board I wrote about previously, this board is an Arduino shield adapter, and it is powered via Arduino headers with a single 3.3 V supply. The list of on-board sensors is as follows:

-> Infineon’s DPS310 digital XENSIV™ barometric pressure sensor

-> Bosch’s BMP581 digital pressure sensor

-> Sensirion’s SGP40 indoor air quality sensor for VOC measurements

-> Bosch’s BME688 digital low-power gas, pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor with AI

-> Sensirion’s SHT41 high-accuracy and low-power relative humidity and temperature sensor

-> Bosch’s BMI270 6-axis, smart, low-power inertial measurement unit

All these sensors are configured to work with the I2C interface with the exception of the DPS310XTSA, which can be used with SPI as well as with I2C. Moreover, every sensor can be disconnected from the power supply and I2C circuits by unsoldering solder bridges so that the user can choose to test a single sensor within their design. For those looking to evaluate a few different environmental sensors in one go, this is a great board to get started, assuming you have an Arduino or equivalent platform to interface it with.

Special thanks to the amazing Jon Mays for the spooky graphic, featuring the board image from Rutronik.

Happy Halloween!

Rutronik's Sensorfusion Adapter Board

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