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Tell us what you need, and they’ll find the solution: Advantech’s high-performance industrial PCs

As we come to the end of our Hardware Pioneers Max 2023 coverage – one more to go – ipXchange chats with Bobby Vale from Advantech, a manufacturer of industrial PCs that you might be unaware of; funny, considering they are the World’s largest!

But you can’t be to blame for that: Advantech’s hardware can be found in an almost endless range of applications that require embedded computing outside of the consumer market, such as in fast food kiosks, train station ticket machines/scanners and payment terminals, or self-service checkouts. In addition to those deployments, Advantech can be used for demanding projects in the industrial and medical fields, to name a couple, so look to them as an alternative to devices from Contron or Portwell.

The key differentiator of Advantech to competitors like iesy is that all assembly of their computing systems is done at their own facilities, meaning more reliable sourcing and stocking when you have a project in mind. With over 8000 active part numbers for solutions that include smaller system peripherals, industrial I/O modules, HMI assemblies, motion controllers, and compute modules ranging from small RISC-based boards to cards used in supercomputers, Advantech truly has it all. 

As Bobby explains, Advantech is talking to design engineers all the time, and he has learnt that suggesting a solution to them based on their needs is better than starting a discussion from a single product. When presented with some key specification requirements for a project – compute power, storage, operating system, environmental requirements, etc. – Advantech can offer the right solution options from their catalogue. For high-volume production runs, custom solutions can be built from the ground up by Advantech’s experienced design team. 

Head to our board page to learn more and apply to see what Advantech can offer for your project. We’ve included an industrial gaming setup there so you can see what kind of solutions they offer, and because all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy.

Yes, it’s two weeks ‘til Halloween…

Keep designing! 

Advantech High Performance Industrial PCs And Compute Modules (Specify Requirements)

Need a high-performance heart for your next industrial/medical/retail design? 

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