Advantech High-Performance Industrial PCs And Compute Modules (Specify Requirements)

As the World’s largest manufacturer of industrial PCs, Advantech’s technology can be found in many applications, including retail, gaming/entertainment, healthcare, industrial, energy infrastructure, and much more. With a catalogue of over 8000 active products ranging from small peripherals to cards for use in supercomputers, Advantech covers the full range of computing solutions required for almost any project. Complete control of all production lines ensures best-in-class sourcing to make sure you are never left with a surprising wait in the production of stock for your builds.

The usual nature of ipXchange is that we would write a full technical review of a single product, and you would then be able to apply to evaluate the technology using a form like the one below. With Advantech, however, we have opted for a specification-based application so that the best solution (or selection of possible solutions) can be chosen to suit your project requirements.

As stated in our interview with Advantech at Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, the key specifications required are as follows, but any other details – such as physical size within the end device or interface/connectivity requirements – will help to narrow down which products you may wish to evaluate:

  • Compute power
  • Storage
  • Operating system
  • Environmental requirements

For large-volume production runs, Advantech are able to build custom solutions from the ground up, and their engineering team also offers the software solutions required to make the most of the hardware offered.

If you require an industrial PC or any peripherals for your own designs – be that HMIs, motion control, remote I/Os, wireless modules, etc. – fill out the form below with details of your project, and ipXchange will get you connected to the Advantech team to bring you a solution from their wide portfolio of boards.

For those interested, the board pictured is Advantech’s DPX-S451, a gaming platform based on AMD Ryzen’s Embedded R2000 processors, quad- and dual-core APUs up to 3.35 GHz, and a Radeon VEGA GPU with up to 8 compute units, supporting four independent 4k monitors and comprehensive gaming features on a 12 V DC input or ATX power. The specifications of this unit can be found in this datasheet for an idea of the peripherals you may want to mention when describing your project requirements.

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