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The best visual pun at EDS: Technotrans’ EV battery cooling solutions for extended working lifetime

Let’s begin ipXchange’s coverage of EDS (Engineering Design Show) 2023 with a bit of fun provided by Technotrans, a provider of battery cooling solutions for larger Electric Vehicles (EVs) to help extend their service life and save on wasted potential (all puns intended) in lithium-ion batteries.

As Eamon explains, the joke is simple but effective at illustrating what Technotrans is all about: sat on top of one of their EV battery cooling systems is a bunch of consumer-level batteries – AA, AAA, C, D, PP3, etc. – frosty and cold to the touch to demonstrate the high level of cooling offered by Technotrans’ solutions, which range from 500 W to 45 kW cooling capacity.

You can check out the original post here – you might consider this a video-based rewind post – to discover a great alternative to solutions from Valeo and TKT HVAC, but if you’re ready to skip to the board page, follow the link below to learn more and apply to evaluate this technology. We hope you look forward to our more serious coverage of EDS in the coming weeks.

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Technotrans zeta.road Battery Cooling System Consultation

Want cooling capacities up to 45 kW for your electric vehicle batteries?

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