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Long-service-life, customisable battery cooling solutions for electric vehicles

On their website, Technotrans states: “A constant temperature profile is essential for a long service life and the correct operation of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems. The only way to ensure this is to use a high-performance cooling system.” That makes a whole lot of sense to me!

Technotrans’ zeta.road series offers an energy-efficient battery cooling system which is specifically adapted to the requirements of electric road vehicles, including electric buses or autonomous special vehicles at airports, ports, or for mining applications. For each end device, a bespoke cooling solution can be offered with different cooling capacities for different ambient temperatures.

The customised design, ultra-modern communications technology, and diagnostic systems ensure that any zeta.road solution becomes an integral part of a vehicle’s energy storage system and even its traction system if desired. Technotrans’ solution automatically decides whether the batteries need to be cooled or heated so that the optimum operating temperature is always maintained. This is done using water-glycol-circuits and energy-efficient heat pumps. Several cooling concepts are offered that can be used in combination to achieve the requirements dictated by the vehicle and its battery, including active cooling by using refrigerant compressor, passive water cooling to ambient air, direct cooling with cooling plates, and more. The cooling capacity of these devices ranges from 500 W to 45 kW for a wide range of voltage variations: 24 VDC, 400 VAC, and 600 VDC, for example.

While I believe customised solutions are most useful to automotive engineers here, Technotrans also offers standard designs for e-bus, trolleybus, and tram applications in climatic conditions between -25°C and +55°C. When partnered with Technotrans for your application, they would offer product development and manufacturing to relevant standards in mobile applications, including full testing, with a wide range of international certifications. On top of that, Technotrans offers international services with six manufacturing and sixteen service sites worldwide, 24/7 customer support with spare parts dispatch, and approx. 150 service technicians in the field.

Obviously, this is not a simple evaluation-board affair, so the form I have created is to introduce you to Technotrans and get a conversation going before a lengthy partnership. No, they are not a SoC company, but with the move towards electric vehicles with sustainable battery infrastructure, Technotrans will be one to watch, and it was great to meet them at EDS as I can’t imagine how they would have gotten on my radar otherwise.

Keep designing!

(Image sourced from Technotrans)

Technotrans zeta.road Battery Cooling System Consultation

Want cooling capacities up to 45 kW for your electric vehicle batteries?

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