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The World’s smallest Hall sensors? And up to 40 times the sensitivity of silicon? Matrix has us!

With the return of our trusty video editor Jake, ipXchange is back to coverage from PCIM, this time on the newcomer pavilion talking with Xin from Matrix, a company that’s breaking the mould when it comes to Hall sensing across many applications from consumer to automotive, whether that be in the battery management circuitry, motor drive, control systems, off-vehicle charger; we could go on and on…

As Xin explains, Matrix’s Hall-sensing devices are based on gallium arsenide and indium antimonide for the highest sensitivity to magnetic fields – 1 and 2 orders of magnitude higher than silicon respectively – enabling magnetic field detection at 0.1% the field strength of the Earth’s magnetic field for extremely precise measurements. Ironically, the most eye-catching product on the stand was the World’s smallest Hall element, which Eamon mistook as the marker for where some components were to be displayed. Matrix also offers their superior magnetic field sensitivity for a broader product range that includes solutions for BLDC motors to enable smoother, higher efficiency operation with less noise.

Matrix Gallium Arsenide and Indium Antimonide Hall Elements

Matrix have stated that they can provide evaluation boards to interested engineers with suitable projects, so if you’re looking for superior magnetic field sensing, apply to enter consultation with Matrix using the form

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