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VOCSens’ multi-gas sensor in action: Simultaneously detect 8 different gases for IoT applications

It was great to catch up with VOCSens at SENSOR+TEST, and as hoped, ipXchange managed to capture a live demo of the EnviCam multi-gas sensor, as presented by our good friend Bram. We posted about this technology in the weeks before we headed to the show, but in case you missed it, here’s a recap of this innovative gas-sensing solution. 

VOCSens’ EnviCam-30 is a multiple-gas sensor with an ultra-low power consumption of <50 µW at one measurement per second. It can currently be configured to detect 14 different gases, and 16 on-chip sensing pixels allow for simultaneous measurement of 8 different gases that are important to your application. Self-calibration using third-party temperature and humidity sensors also ensures accurate data for long IoT deployments. This is further supported by AI processing to account for cross-sensitivity between gases. 

As Bram explains, the ammonia demo featured in this interview is representative of air-quality monitoring in industrial and agricultural applications. In this case, EnviCam can detect the presence of ammonia from 0.2 to 200 ppm. 

VOCSens EnviCam-30 Multi-Gas Microsensor Consultation

Head here to learn more about the full range of gases that VOCSens’ EnviCam-30 can detect. We’ve also updated our board page to reflect the existence of these new evaluation boards, so as always, fill out a form if you’ve got a commercial project that you’d like to test this technology in. We’re excited to see what projects you have in mind.

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