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Wireless AIoT development kit enables faster proof of concept for smart device HMIs! 

Mr. X travels to Southern Manufacturing & Electronics to catch up with Ineltek Ltd and get the latest on Espressif Systems’s wireless and microcontroller products. In this video interview, Shaun O’Brien takes us through Espressif’s ESP32-S3-BOX, an AIoT development kit that does far more than the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity provided by the ESP32-S3 SoC. 
The ESP32-S3-BOX enables designers to quickly create HMIs for smart devices with offline and online voice assistants. As well as Espressif’s AI image processing, Wi-Fi human-body detection, and wireless image transmission, this development kit integrates a 2.4-inch, 320×240 px touch screen controller, various sensors, an infrared controller, and a smart gateway. A USB Type-C connector provides 5 V of power input while also supporting serial and JTAG debugging, and a programming interface. Two PMOD-compatible headers allow this platform to be expanded to meet the requirements of your application. 
As Shaun explains, the ESP32-S3 can be used across many applications, but the ESP32-S3-BOX development kit is particularly useful when designing white goods, other smart home appliances, consumer electronics products, health monitors, and industrial automation devices that require mesh networks. 

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Espressif ESP32-S3-BOX Development Kit For ESP32-S3 2.4 GHz Wi-­Fi + Bluetooth LE SoC

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