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Submitted by Jon Mays on December 22, 2023

#MFR2023 – ipXchange encounters a giant Arduino UNO!

What a perfect way to start our coverage of Maker Faire Rome 2023! In this amusing interview, ipXchange chats with Gaia from ICTP SciFabLab about their fully functioning Arduino UNO that is 9x the size of the original. With magnetic pin connections and various supporting accessories such as giant LEDs, resistors, and even an ultrasonic sensor, this unconventional Arduino UNO is great for classrooms and getting the next generation into the wonderful world of embedded programming.

Learn more about ICTP SciFabLab here.

The Arduino UNO is a favourite amongst many of the projects we saw at Maker Faire Rome, so check out our writeup of the latest UNO R4 range on our board page. Sure, it’s not really designed for commercial builds in the same way as ipXchange’s usual offerings, but if you want a tonne of them for a school or large-scale maker project, we can put you in touch with our contacts at Arduino for first-class service and pricing.

Keep designing!

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