Someone in?…. or indoor event detection as its best

Member project
Submitted by Timo Reinhardt on February 6, 2024

Are you still using passive infrared (PIR) sensors to track activities in your house or apartment? Has your co-worker already arrived in the office or more importantly – is there any activity in the coffee kitchen?

ScioSenses high-precision ENS220 barometric pressure sensor paired with their new open-source algorithm allows you to detect activities inside the building where doors or windows are opened/closed.

Admittedly, with this method it remains a challenge to recognise exactly which door or window in the building has been opened. However, no complex installation is needed, simply use the ScioSense ENS220 barometric pressure and temperature sensor with the computing power of an ESP32 microcontroller or similar. The open-source algorithm developed by ScioSense analyses the very small, brief changes in air pressure in the range of a few Pascals that occur when doors are opened/closed. The whole algorithm is described on ScioSense’s website and on GitHub is a simple code example available. Check it out!

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