ScioSense ENS220 Barometric Pressure And Temperature Sensor: Live demonstration at Embedded World 9-11th April (4A 101)

ScioSense’ ENS220 is an ultra-low-power, low-noise I2C/SPI barometric pressure and temperature sensor that is ideal for activity tracking and indoor navigation/localisation tasks thanks to its compact 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 mm LGA package that is well suited for wearables and mobile devices.

This small size is enabled by a single-die capacitive sensing architecture, which benefits from excellent measurement stability with change in environmental conditions – thanks to the reduced form factor – as well as ultra-low power consumption that grants long battery life even at high sampling rates, configurable up to 1 kHz. When idle, the average supply current to the device is just 0.1 μA, and this increases to 0.8 μA when sampling at 1/60 Hz. To further assist in lowering the power consumption of your design, the ENS220 features interrupt functionality on multiple conditions.

The main operating characteristics for the ENS220 are as follows:

  • Pressure operating range: 300 to 1200 hPa
  • Absolute pressure accuracy: ±0.5 hPa (±2.5 Pa is the equivalent to a height of ±20 cm in air)
  • Relative pressure accuracy: ±0.025 hPa
  • Ultra-low noise of 0.1 Pa rms (≈1 cm in air) at 2 Hz sample rate
  • Temperature operating range: −40 to +85°C
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.2 K (8 mK resolution)
  • Power supply: 1.62-1.98 V

Thanks to the minimal additional components required for integration, the ENS220 is able to provide reliable centimetre-resolution height positioning and differential pressure measurements in space-constrained applications such as gaming and AR/VR devices and drones, in addition to wearables and mobile devices, where the ENS220 can be used for fall detection.

Outside of battery-operated applications, the ENS220 can be used for appliances and HVAC systems for filter clogging detection, white goods for liquid level detection, blood pressure measurements in medical devices, and as an accurate temperature meter for gasses and on surfaces. For more information about the ENS220, please consult this official datasheet.

At present, ScioSense does not offer any information on their website regarding an evaluation platform for this device, but this does not mean it does not exist. If you are interested in testing the performance of the ENS220 in a commercial project, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will facilitate consultation with ScioSense and evaluation of the device.

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