Flusso FLS110 Miniature Mass Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit

NOTE: This product is no longer supported through ipXchange due to distribution issues with the manufacturer.

Flusso’s FLS110 Mass Flow Sensor allows for accurate flow measurements in the most densely packed products with complex flow paths. The FLS110 comes in a 3.5 mm × 3.5 mm x 3 mm 6-pin DFN package with full compatibility with SMD assembly processes, and it can be configured to report mass flow, volume flow, air speed, or differential pressure; this is done using the supplied firmware for an external MCU. All measurements are fully temperature compensated and independent of changes in pressure with a repeatability of 0.5 sccm + 0.5% measured value. The FLS110 is capable of measuring 500 slm or more in bypass flow configurations, with full customisation options for a complete digital flow-sensing solution in your application. Flusso offers full design support from concepts to manufacturing should you choose them as a partner.

Flusso’s plug-and-play evaluation kit contains everything you’ll need to test the new FLS110 flow sensor within your application: a fluidic fixture (to fit your flow range), push-fit connectors, and a USB adapter to connect the FLS110 PCB directly to a PC where sensor data can be viewed and recorded. Once everything is connected, the sensor can be easily recalibrated to take account of your complete system.

The fluidic fixtures are 3D-printed in Accura® Xtreme™ grey material from 3D Systems Corporation, and there are several versions for different flow sense applications. No surface coating is applied, and the material has been used successfully for testing at temperatures from 0°C to +50°C. Flusso does not recommend testing outside of these conditions when using their standard fixtures, but since the FLS110 itself is specified at -40°C to +85°C, please specify if you are looking to evaluate in this extended range.

(All images sourced from Flusso)

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