Geehy APM32F407IG Board For Evaluating APM32F407 MCU

Due to issues with the manufacturer, ipXchange is no longer able to support applications for Geehy boards. Click here for alternative MCU products from ipXchange.

Designers who use the STM32F407 series of Arm® Cortex®-M4 core-based microcontrollers can evaluate the pin- and function-compatible Geehy Semiconductor replacement part, the APM32F407, using the APM32F407IG MINIBOARD.

The MINIBOARD supports the Windows operating system, and is compatible with the Keil MDK-ARM development environment.

It features a USB Type-B interface, a JTAG/SWD interface, 134 GPIOs, and a USART interface.

It also includes two LEDs, two user buttons, and one reset key.

(All images sourced from Geehy)

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