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Pin- and function-compatible replacements for STM32 MCUs provide second-source remedy as shortages continue!

Mr. X appreciates the many changes at ipXchange over the past year, but unfortunately, long lead times for STM32 MCUs still seem to be an issue with many suppliers, so let’s revisit Geehy’s APM32 MCUs in another rewind post. We’ve had quite a few requests for this evaluation board, and we’re even taking one to Embedded World with us!

Geehy’s APM32 series of microcontrollers serves as a drop-in replacement for STM32 devices of the same name and package type. For example, the APM32F407ZGT6 in an LQFP144 package can replace an STM32F407ZGT6 part in the same package. APM32 devices have equivalent performance to their STM32 counterparts and have been designed for easy replacement if you are having sourcing difficulties with ST. In many cases, no firmware change is required as the pin layout, memory map, and peripheral support are identical for both manufacturers’ devices.

Learn more about Geehy’s APM32 MCUs in the original article or apply for the development board below.

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Geehy APM32F407IG Board For Evaluating APM32F407 MCU

Needing a second source for STM32 MCUs?

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