Flusso FLS122 Air Velocity Sensor Evaluation Kit

NOTE: This product is no longer supported through ipXchange due to distribution issues with the manufacturer.

Flusso’s FLS122 is the World’s-smallest silicon-MEMS thermal air velocity and air flow sensor designed for high-volume consumer goods applications (6-pin DFN package, 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 mm). This ultra-low-power, high-precision device provides accurate air speed or air flow measurement with near-zero pressure drop; air speed range up to 20 m/s, span accuracy ±5% measured value.

The FLS122 often requires no flow fixture, meaning easy integration into an existing duct, and the device has full compatibility with SMD assembly processes. The FLS122 measures air velocity directly using a thermal sensing method and can be calibrated to report air velocity or air flow rate with fully temperature-compensated readings; this is calculated by firmware running on a standard microcontroller that also allows access to programmable operating modes and additional features. The FLS122 is uniquely suited to applications with large flow rates but small pressure drops.

As with the FLS110, Flusso makes a plug-and-play evaluation kit that contains everything you’ll need to test the FLS122 within your application: a fluidic fixture (to fit your flow range), push-fit connectors, and a USB adapter to connect the FLS122 PCB directly to a PC where sensor data can be viewed and recorded. Once everything is connected, the sensor can be easily recalibrated to take account of your complete system. The fixture material used for evaluation kits has been used successfully for testing at temperatures from 0°C to +50°C.

(All images sourced from Flusso)

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