Monolithic Power Systems MPQ7225 Automotive-Grade 16-Channel LED Driver

Monolithic Power Systems’ (MPS’) MPQ7225 presents automotive designers with an AEC-Q100-qualified current sink LED driver that features 16 channels rated at up to 200 mA and adaptive feedback control to maximise system efficiency – in this case the output voltage of the output voltage pre-regulator is adjusted in real time to minimise the voltage across the channels to save power (300 mV typ. @ 200 mA).

The MPQ7225 comes in a 5 x 6-mm QFN package and is well suited for dynamic lighting displays thanks to 12-bit PWM dimming and 6-bit analogue dimming per channel. 16 individual MPQ7225 ICs can be cascaded to create a 256-channel solution with individual control of each channel. Since these lighting rigs may be operated at a distance from each other, MPS’ solution is compatible with a high-speed, CAN-type differential interface for robust sequencing.

Additional features include frequency spread spectrum to optimise EMC performance and various fault detection abilities to enhance functional safety.

Learn more by consulting the official MPQ7225 datasheet, and fill out the form below if you would like to test this LED driver for your next commercial project.

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