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A compact heart for secure IoT devices with embedded Linux: Digi’s ConnectCore SoMs

In a gracious second attempt at an interview, ipXchange chats with Joe from Digi at Hardware Pioneers Max 2023; it was so bustling in 2022 that interviewing without our microphones proved completely futile for intelligible audio. Now armed with the right equipment, we bring you an interview about Digi’s new security software scanning services that can be used to understand possible vulnerabilities in Linux and Yocto builds that use third-party code. 

Digi’s solution is a useful tool for protecting your IoT, and it works both for software running on Digi products or on your own hardware configuration. A basic service runs as standard on Digi’s ConnectCore line of System-on-Modules (SoMs), which are a compact heart for long-lasting industrial-grade IoT builds that require advanced HMIs. This incorporated software library can be expanded to support fault-finding and fixing of vulnerabilities throughout a product’s lifetime to ensure it always remains compliant with the latest security regulations. 

As Joe shows us, the main ConnectCore device on display was one of Digi’s latest additions to the family, the MP157 SoM, which features dual Cortex-A7 processors and a Cortex-M4 coprocessor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Gbit Ethernet connectivity, and a 3D GPU running at up to 533 MHz for up to 26 Mtriangle/s or 133 Mpixel/s performance, to name just a few key features. Digi’s low-cost SoMs are a perfect choice for designers looking to migrate from the MCU world to Linux-based IoT builds, while at the same time providing end-to-end encrypted data communications for the high levels of security required for new legislations. 

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Digi ConnectCore MP157 SoM And Development Kit

Learn more about Digi’s ConnectCore MP157 SoM here, where you can also apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project

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