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A new type of content for the weekends: ipXchange heads to Maker Faire Rome 2023!

Hello to all you design engineers! If you hadn’t already seen in our previous newsletter, ipXchange has been invited as press to cover Maker Faire Rome this coming weekend, so Jake and Eamon will be jetting off on Thursday for what hopes to be a fantastic experience!

Obviously, maker content is not the usual focus of ipXchange, but with such a great opportunity offered, we could not pass on attending, and we’re certain you will enjoy what we hope to share from this inspiring event.

For any new boards directly relevant to ipXchange’s usual posting habits, we’ll be releasing these interviews as part of our normal posting schedule. Anything else will form the basis for a new output of weekend content on the platform!

So, look forward to innovative builds around cool boards, a giant Arduino UNO, lots of robots, and so much more. Maybe Eamon will even eat some crisps made of insects; Jake won’t because he’s a vegetarian.

And if you’re feeling inspired by any of the content and want more than a few boards to make something fun and commercial, remember that Arduino are now an official partner of ipXchange, so expect a few more technical reviews of their boards as we encounter them in the wild. We’ll get you connected for a consultation.

Rome, here we come!

Keep designing!

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