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A tiny board-to-board connector that can carry 5 A, a 4G/5G-capable miniature hinged antenna, and a new range of micro-miniature connectors

TL:DR? Here is a breakdown of some great connectivity solutions from a recent Electronics Weekly:

Going left to right, we start with the BM57 from Hirose, a flexi-to-PCB connector for 5 A power applications and 300 mA signal applications. With 0.3 mm pitch, 0.6 mm stacking height, and a width of only 1.9 mm, it is the perfect design solution for space-critical applications such as within handheld devices, laptops, and wearables. Guidance ribs on the connector allow for smooth mating, and an armoured design significantly mitigates damage from misalignments. For peel resistance, there are solder retention tabs at each power contact with measures to prevent solder wicking at the contact area.

Next, the Apex TG.66 hinged monopole antenna from Taoglas provides another space-critical solution, this time for 4G and 5G applications, with a frequency response from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. At only 70 mm long by 10 mm in diameter, the TG.66 still retains “omnidirectional radiation patterns and provides stable gain across the hemisphere”. The hinged design allows for more flexible positioning in the end application, and despite its small size, the configuration boasts >45% efficiency across the entire spectrum when positioned on the edge of a 120 by 45 mm ground plane. This antenna terminates in a straight SMA male connector for standard integration.

Lastly, TopFlite’s M&M connector series provides “100% intermateability with existing micro-miniature connectors in the market”. Glenair Mighty Mouse and Amphenol 2M are cited as of particular compatibility, so I suppose these components are notable for their small size as well as being another remedy to cost and supply chain issues in the current market – this is me simply speculating. The series comes with a variety of finishing and contact options, including crimp, solder, and PCB, so there are plenty of solutions for a range of design architectures.

While ipXchange is primarily concerned with semiconductors, it cannot be understated that in order for those to work well in their application, there is a vast ecosystem of other components that surround such a device. Connectors may be one of the most important.

Though I’m linking to the Hirose connector below, you can find the Taoglas antenna on our boards page!

(All images sourced from Hirose, Taoglas, and TopFlite)

Hirose BM57 Flexi-to-PCB Connector Sample

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