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A Pragmatic approach to RFID: Flexible NFC chips for adding intelligence to everyday objects!

Excuse the pun. ipXchange has had its eye on Pragmatic for a while, and after a tip from a member of our community, we feel it is now the perfect time to share their disruptive innovations.

Pragmatic leverages their revolutionary semiconductor fabrication processes to create an ultra-thin (37 µm thick), flexible NFC chip that is perfect for embedding digital identification within food labels, clothing, toys and games, and consumer and medical wearables for authentication, traceability, security, and any other purpose that benefits from discrete RFID tagging, without the requirement for in-built batteries.

These passive FlexICs are, essentially, a 128-bit read-only memory device that can be read using a 13.56 MHz probe signal via an app or Android-based NFC-enabled system. Initial code transmission can occur within 5 ms, meaning that successful injection can be quickly verified on production lines operating at standard speeds. This code can be formatted to suit the designer’s needs, and it therefore offers a lot of flexibility – that’s another pun – when it comes to what functionality can be gained from such tags.

You may think that Pragmatic’s FlexICs would be an expensive technology to implement, but thanks to the device’s compatibility with single-layer HF coil antennas, inlay costs for discrete integration within paper or plastic labels are drastically reduced.

If we’ve got you interested in learning more about this technology, head to the board page using the link below, where you’ll find lots more information and a form that you can use to apply for a consultation to use Pragmatic’s FlexICs in a commercial project.

Keep designing!

Pragmatic PR1201 Flexible NFC ICs for RFID systems

Need discrete, flexible RFID tagging in your latest smart product?

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