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AKM’s energy harvesting PMIC for Peltier sources 

In ipXchange’s last video with Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) at CES 2024, Guy and Chris return for one more chat about yet another component area that AKM is doing great work in: energy harvesting. We also get a brief demo of an IR temperature sensor for more accurate, contactless measurements. 

ipXchange has talked a lot about energy harvesting recently, but this has usually been centred around RF or photovoltaic sources. In contrast, Chris shows us a demonstration of one of AKM’s DC-DC boost converters for power management and delivery from a thermal energy source, in this case a Peltier cooler. 

As Chris heats one side of the device with his hand, the temperature differential produces a voltage that is delivered to AKM’s device. This in turn outputs a voltage suitable for lighting an LED, presumably with charge stored in a capacitor. 

AKM produces several DC-DC converter PMICs for energy harvesting applications using various sources – vibration, photovoltaic (including single cell), microbial fuel cell, and thermal. We’ve chosen to do a board page for the AP4473, which is best suited for the thermal source shown in this demonstration. It enables harvesting from as little as 15 mV! 

Chris then briefly explains an IR-based temperature sensor setup for non-contact monitoring. While there does not seem to be a thorough explanation of this technology on AKM’s website, with the vast number of components that AKM produces, we at ipXchange suspect that this is a reference design that is a little more involved.  

Follow the link to the board page below to learn more about the AP4473 PMIC for harvested thermal energy, where you can apply to evaluate this or AKM’s IR-based temperature sensor by filling out the form. 

You heard Chris: Dev boards are FREE! 

Keep designing! 

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Asahi Kasei Microdevices AP4473 PMIC For Thermal Energy Harvesters

Looking for a more sustainable way to run IoT devices in thermal environments?

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