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Arduino’s industrial IoT just went cellular!

With the new Portenta Mid Carrier and 4G modules, Arduino users just gained Global cellular connectivity for industrial IoT projects!

The new products just keep coming from Arduino at Embedded World 2024. As previously teased, ipXchange caught up with Stefano for the release of the new Portenta Mid Carrier board and two 4G modules, one for EMEA and another for Global coverage and additional GNSS functionality. Smart city engineers, it’s time to celebrate!

For those unfamiliar with Arduino’s Portenta family, these powerful industrial-grade boards feature high density connectors on the back for access to a great many interfaces, made easily accessible when connected to carrier boards such as the new Portenta Mid Carrier.

In addition to providing standard connectors for USB-A, Gigabit ethernet, microSD card, MIPI camera, and more, the mini PCIe connector makes for seamless integration with Arduino’s new 4G modules. These new offerings enable designers to finally build industrial-grade Globally connected IoT projects within the Arduino PRO – and Arduino Cloud – ecosystem, with that same ease of use that engineers have come to expect from Arduino.

And to top things off, the Portenta Mid Carrier is also compatible with Arduino’s Giga Display Shield for amazing products with user-friendly HMIs.

Learn more about both these new products on ipXchange’s new dedicated board page for everything mentioned in this interview, and if you’ve got a commercial project, apply to evaluate this latest Arduino offering today.

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Arduino PRO Portenta Mid Carrier And 4G Wireless Modules

Ready to take your Portenta-based IoT build to the next level with 4G connectivity?

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