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Best-of boards 2023 – Connectivity: Libelium’s highly configurable Waspmote modular IoT platform! 

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for ipXchange’s top picks for the technology we’ve encountered in 2023. This year, we have covered more than double the number of boards compared to 2022, so we’re going to break our picks down to some key component categories.

Unfortunately for a category like ‘Connectivity’, there were a great many devices in the running for top spot, so we’ve had to put in another simple rule: no company that was a top pick for 2022 can be a top pick for 2023. So who won this year?

ipXchange’s winner of best connectivity discovery in 2023 is Libelium with the Waspmote modular IoT platform. This was a solution that looked like a winner from the moment we first encountered it, and applications to evaluate this technology from engineers in and outside of the ipXchange community cemented that thought.

With current draw as low as 7 µA in hibernate mode and a modular architecture for the user’s choice of 7+ sensor boards spanning 120+ sensors, wireless boards for 15 radio technologies, and several boards for physical connection using industrial protocols, Waspmote is a near-perfect IoT playground that cuts development time while providing a single source for much of the project when you go to market.

Libelium has even done all the software and firmware integration to make sure your choice of modules all work well together, and among the content we produced regarding Waspmote, ipXchange also chatted with a member of the Libelium team to find out everything an engineer might need to think about when designing an IoT system from scratch. Now that’s a helpful company!

You can learn more about Waspmote by following the link to the board page, where you can apply to evaluate the technology and check out the related news articles and interviews.

This backlinking is a brand-new feature to the ipXchange website, and with around 250 board pages, we’ve got a lot of work to do before the new year, but you don’t need to worry about that! More best-of boards to come in this final week before Christmas, so stay tuned, and as always…

Keep designing!

Libelium Waspmote IoT Development Platform

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