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Best-of boards 2023 – HMI: E Ink’s Spectra 6 display for full-colour digital signage on zero power! 

Yes! HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is a much easier category to judge than our previous two.

There is a clear winner to this race because we’ve seen it in person on the same table that we discuss ipXchange’s strategy, film ipXperiences and ‘Ask an ipXpert’ segments, and eat baked goods with our TKO colleagues. You engineers have also shown your interest for using it in commercial projects, so…

ipXchange’s winner of best HMI discovery in 2023 is E Ink’s Spectra 6 display – special thanks to Ineltek’s Shaun O’Brien for bringing it in and sealing the victory!

In short, E Ink’s Spectra 6 display builds on the company’s World-class expertise in EPDs (ElectroPhoretic Displays) and brings the image quality level to the point where it rivals OLED and LCD displays, with 6 layers of e-ink. And here’s the key application point:

The E Ink Spectra 6 requires no power input to hold an image once it has been configured. In ipXchange’s personal experience, it simply looks like a printed poster, with the illumination characteristics and wide viewing angles to match!

What this means is that you can shrink the power consumption in, for example, a department store, by using Spectra 6 displays instead of television-type screens, which may additionally suffer from image burn-in if showing the same picture for a long time. While the Spectra 6 still has the longer refresh rate associated with EPDs, it has now cut this time to 12 seconds for a marked improvement over previous technologies.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable, carbon-footprint-cutting display technology for situations where an image doesn’t need to be changed 24 times per second, look no further. Apply to evaluate this technology by following the link to the board page, where we’ve done a full technical writeup and you can see the Spectra 6 in action by following the link to the related articles.

Next comes best MCUs of 2023. Can you guess who won yet?

Keep designing!

E Ink Spectra™ 6 Full-Colour E-Paper/E-Ink Displays

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