E Ink Spectra™ 6 Full-Colour E-Paper/E-Ink Displays

E Ink’s latest Spectra devices feature 6 layers of coloured e-ink – red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white – to create vivid images that rival those of LCD and OLED displays while retaining the look of printed signage, with up to 200 pixels per inch equivalent resolution.

Once an image has been configured on the Spectra 6, no power is required to hold it on the display, giving it the appearance of paper, with wide viewing angles and illumination behaviour to match; like paper, there is no illumination within the display, meaning that in the dark, a user will see nothing, and in direct sunlight, the image vibrance will be at its greatest.

A key difference with E Ink’s Spectra 6 and previous technologies is a much faster full refresh rate of 12 seconds when compared to >30 seconds for competing full-colour e-paper technologies. Additionally, advanced functionality, E Ink Sparkle™, allows smaller changes to the display image to create partial image flashing effects to enhance the look of the design. Of course, this functionality requires the display to be powered.

Since power is only required to change the displayed image, the Spectra 6 is a forward-thinking, green alternative to powered displays in applications that include advertising, retail signage, electronic shelf labels, and digital photo frames. For scenarios where paper signage is regularly changed, such as in cinemas, E Ink’s solution could also save on material waste without compromising picture quality. The typical contrast ratio, depending on the display size, is 30:1, and the operating temperature range spans from 0-50°C, making these devices suitable for indoor and some outdoor deployments.

If you are looking to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial application, ipXchange has partnered with Ineltek, who are able to provide small testing kits for many territories, thanks to their own partnerships. Details on the size options available for this technology can be found in consultation with ipXchange and Ineltek after making an application using the form below.

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