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Ruggedised pressure sensor boasts centimetre-level altitude accuracy, even when submerged!

And the ipXchange award for best demos at Embedded World almost certainly goes to Bosch Sensortech. In the second-to-last interview that we’re posting from the show, we talk to Mark about Bosch’s latest sensor innovations, in this case, the BMP585, which can be seen as a ruggedised version of the widely available BMP581 24-bit digital pressure sensor; the BMP585 should be widely available from May.

In this video, we find the BMP585 attached to a model diver, who is searching for treasure in an aquarium. As can be seen on the display, this barometric pressure sensor produces highly accurate depth measurements at the centimetre level. A gel-filled cavity as part of the device’s 3.25 × 3.25 x 1.86 mm LGA package provides the highest level of protection against water and other liquid chemicals, enabling easy integration of altitude/height/depth/level measurements into applications that face punishing environmental conditions. If you don’t happen to be building a tailored solution for a treasure hunter, you may find yourself using this device in more typical industrial, navigation, and smart home applications.

Wearables for sport are a particularly interesting application for the BMP585 as the high level of measurement accuracy can even detect individual pull-ups or press-ups! Better yet, this sensor only consumes 1.3 µA at 1 Hz measurement rate in low-power mode, meaning your product’s end user can be working-out for hours without worrying about their smart device’s battery life.

Bosch BMP585 Robust Barometric Pressure Sensor Shuttle Board

To discover the BMP585’s detailed pressure measurement specifications, head here, where you can also apply to be among the first to use this latest innovation from Bosch:

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