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Cellular-IoT prototypes in days! Digi and SparkFun combine for a complete edge-to-cloud solution 

In another ipXchange interview with Digi, this time at CES 2024, Guy chats with Bob about the XBee 3 cellular modems and a new complete edge-to-cloud sensor solution that has been created in partnership with SparkFun Electronics. 

The XBee 3 modems offer global LTE and Cat 1, Cat 4, or LTE-M + NB-IoT connectivity, depending on the model, and Digi has combined these with a SparkFun development board that can easily interface with a huge number of sensor boards thanks to the Qwicc Connect System. 

Additionally, Digi supports this build with a cloud-based dashboard for easy monitoring of all sensor data coming into the system; in this demo, it is most notably the honk of a horn. As David explains, this set up can be used to quickly develop IoT devices for applications such as predictive-maintenance and smart-building systems. That said, the range of sensors offered by SparkFun covers many more applications where Digi’s cellular connectivity shines best, such as smart agriculture. 

Follow the link to the dedicated board page to learn more and apply to evaluate this innovative collaboration for use in developing your commercial project. 

Keep designing! 

SparkFun Digi XBee Kit For Cellular IoT

Looking for a faster way to develop an application-specific IoT sensor node with cellular connectivity? 

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