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Cortex-M33 SiP saves energy, space, and component count for battery-powered cellular IoT designs!

In our next piece of coverage from Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, ipXchange finally gets a long-awaited interview with Nordic Semiconductor as Eamon chats with Tiago about the nRF9160 cellular System in Package (SiP), which we wrote about previously in relation to Wirepas’ superior mesh network technology. 

As Tiago explains, the nRF9160 SiP provides a complete solution for cellular IoT applications, containing both the LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and a 64 MHz Cortex-M33 application processor in a single chip to save you board space and component count. Nordic also claims that the nRF9160 provides the lowest power consumption when compared to similar devices on the market, and this enables years of battery life for IoT products in the field. The combination of low power consumption, global cellular coverage, and GNSS functionality makes the nRF9160 a great fit for industrial IoT applications in remote locations where local networks, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, are not available. 

You can learn more about the nRF9160 and its evaluation board here: , but as Tiago shows us in the second half of the interview, Nordic have a much more novel evaluation platform that enables rapid development of proof-of-concepts and instant in-situ testing of their devices. 

The Thingy:91 presents a compact, ready-to-deploy prototyping platform that allows you to test the functionality of the nRF9160 in conjunction with a wealth of on-board sensors and your own peripherals. An included LiPo battery means that designers can use the Thingy:91, and other Thingies, for application testing during development, and with a new Thingy on the horizon, ipXchange is sure that these low-cost kits will be a popular way of evaluating Nordic’s flagship devices.  

Learn more about the current range of Thingies on the ipXchange website, and if you’ve got a commercial application where you would like to put Nordic’s connectivity and MCU solutions to use, fill out the form, and ipXchange will do our best to get you connected for consultation and evaluation: 

Keep designing! 

Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 LTE-M/NB-IoT + GNSS Development Kit

Learn more about the nRF9160 and its evaluation board by clicking the big orange button below. For Thingys, click on this text right here.

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