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Cost-effective, ultra-low VF Super Barrier Rectifiers for high frequency switching power applications

Fabless manufacturer MaxPower Semiconductor introduces its first-generation family of high-current-density Super Barrier Rectifiers™, called MaxSBR™. The first product to be released in the MaxSBR family has a maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) of 45 V, with an ultra-low forward drop voltage (VF) of 0.36 V at IF = 1.5 A. The leakage current for these components is ten times lower than with conventional comparable rectifier diodes.

Depending on the version, these components are designed for rated currents between 10 A and 50 A, and the family includes rectifiers with VRRM capability from 20 V to 200 V, though I cannot see this on MaxPower’s website. The MaxSBR family are available in a variety of packages, including the surface mount TO277A (SMPC) and TO220AB, and with a maximum junction temperature of 175°C for the models shown on their product page, it is surely a robust component. The intended applications include DC/DC converters, adapters, polarity protection, and lighting.

Along with their MaxSBR series, MaxPower also makes N-channel MOSFETs, wide bandgap MOSFETs using SiC – Watch this space! – sub-logic level MOSFETs, and depletion mode MOSFETS. The company seems to pride itself on its innovation in its proprietary technology that provides leading-edge reductions in power loss and increased efficiency. This comes balanced with cost-efficient fabrication processes, and though they have stock products, MaxPower also has a constantly growing IP portfolio and can deliver custom solutions for specific application needs with truly optimised components if need be.

I have created an application form so that one can request samples from MaxPower’s MaxSBR line, but if after looking at the specs you feel you need a custom solution, feel free to use the form to set up a more general enquiry with them.  

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(All images sourced from MaxPower)

MaxPower MaxSBR™ Super Barrier Rectifiers™ Sample

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