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Digital totem-pole controller speeds power supply development with GUI for easy configuration! 

In the first of two PCIM interviews with Tomás from Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), ipXchange learns about MPS’ high-power AC/DC IC solutions. In this example, these devices are being used to control a highly efficient 3 kW totem pole + LLC reference design. 

This datacentre solution uses silicon carbide MOSFETs for fast switching at up to 100 kHz, and these devices are controlled by MPS’ MPF32010 digital totem-pole controller that features an integrated GUI for easy parameter configuration, resulting in faster time-to-market for your design. Under normal conditions, the power factor of this design is greater than 99%, and the efficiency is greater than 98.5% for 1 kW output and above. 

With supporting gate drivers and current sensor ICs, MPS provides the complete solution for integrating their high-power components, which can be used in a wide range of applications including automotive, datacentres, renewable energy, and uninterruptable power supplies. 

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Monolithic Power Systems 3 kW AC/DC PFC Totem-Pole Reference Design

Our second interview with Tomás will cover the lower end of the power spectrum, so in the meantime, learn more about MPS’ MPF32010 digital totem-pole controller and 3 kW AC/DC totem-pole PFC reference design here. If you want to try it out for a commercial application, simply fill in the form, and our team will put you in touch:

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