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Fanless industrial computers for 24/7 AI tasks

When you’ve got an industrial task to do, commercial-grade computers won’t cut it for 24/7 reliability. And if you want AI processing at the edge too? Well, C&T Solution has you more than covered…

In ipXchange’s next interview regarding AI-ready industrial computers at Embedded World 2024, Eamon chats with Jordy from C&T Solution about two series of fanless computers.

One of these features NVIDIA GPUs for on-device AI processing, and the other integrates a Hailo AI accelerator card to support the main Intel processor. Both enable high-level AI inferencing at the edge in a rugged package that requires little maintenance, since there is no fan sucking dust into the system!

As Jordy explains, C&T’s NVIDIA industrial computer solutions feature the Jetson modules, with up to 275 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) performance. This enables them to do the multiple-live-video AI analysis workload seen on the screen, without a connection to the cloud.

Additionally, this AI inferencing can be done with a relatively low power budget when compared to cloud infrastructure. It also comes in an industrial-grade module that is resilient to shock and vibration, and has a wide operating temperature range.

Jordy also highlights that this shock and vibration robustness is supported by the fanless design, since there are no moving parts. Where shock and vibration could cause performance dropouts for commercial-grade computers, C&T builds devices for 24/7 deployments like industrial vision and process monitoring, and ensures that this reliability is thoroughly tested and verified.

For a more compact, even more power-efficient solution, C&T also offers fanless computers with the inbuilt Hailo-8 accelerator card. Up to 4x Hailo AI accelerators can be used simultaneously for 104 TOPS performance. These computers are highly modular so that they can be customised to match the application requirements of your project.

C&T makes sure that this modular versatility is fully tested, meaning that, for example, they know you can use multiple Hailo cards in parallel and the computer will still perform at its best!

C&T helps its customers to select the best solution for their application requirements, starting with the environmental considerations before moving onto size, processing requirements, and expandability. Its team supports many application areas and project sizes, so follow the link to the board page below to apply to evaluate C&T’s fanless embedded computer featuring the Hailo AI accelerator expansion.

Alternatively, follow this link to apply to evaluate the NVIDIA-based series of devices.

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