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Fast-response sensing module for automotive air intake systems ensures high in-cabin air quality

In ipXchange’s second interview with ScioSense at Sensor+Test, Rolf shows us their easy-to-install ACM air classification modules, which are fully automotive qualified for air quality monitoring within a car’s air intake and recirculation systems.  

As Rolf explains, when you drive through a tunnel, a car will commonly switch to recirculated air as the level of pollutants surrounding the car suddenly becomes much higher. This is to ensure the air quality remains high within the cabin by not using lower-quality air from the intake. An intake system can perform this action automatically by using ScioSense’s ACM to detect the incoming air quality. As shown in another practical demonstration, the example system quickly closes a flap within the tube to prevent the unwanted ethanol vapour from passing through. 

In the real application, the ACM would detect various VOCs, CO, NH3, H2S, SO2, NO2, O3, and other poisonous gasses and smells to prevent them from entering the cabin. The air quality conditions for action to be taken can be tailored to an OEM’s requirements, and with some fine tuning of the firmware, these devices can also be used in other applications that require similar functionality. The example that Rolf provides is the detection of outgassing due to thermal runaway when charging automotive batteries. In this case, instead of shutting a valve, the system would stop the charging process before thermal runaway destroys the car. 

ScioSense ACM Air Classification Modules For Automotive Air Intake

Learn more about ScioSense’s ACM devices here, where you can also apply to test the technology for use in a commercial application:

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