ScioSense ACM Air Classification Modules For Automotive Air Intake

ScioSense’s ACM air classification modules are fully automotive qualified for use in automatic HVAC air intake control systems. These modules come in a compact, easy-to-integrate 31.3 x 44.59 x 35.4 mm housing (not including fixtures) with market-proven reliability and >50 million units shipped. If the ACM detects that the intake air quality is unsuitable for the passengers, the system can shut off the intake airflow and switch to a recycled air system to ensure clean, high-quality air within the cabin. A current draw down to <30 mA makes the ACM devices an ideal solution in electric vehicles.

ScioSense’s embedded metal oxide sensor is the heart of the device for quickly responding to external pollutants, poisonous exhaust fumes, or unpleasant odours, such as from farming. The detected gases include various VOCs, CO, NH3, H2S, SO2, NO2, O3, and more, and the module supports custom OEM-specific air classification levels. LIN or PWM output interfaces are present to suit your application, and there are also options for additional temperature and humidity sensors if required.

More information about ScioSense’s ACM devices can be found in this official factsheet.

Since the ACM devices provide a ready-to-go solution, there is no evaluation board directly associated with them. That said, verification of the technology used within the ACM is possible with ScioSense’s ENS16X digital metal-oxide multi-gas sensor evaluation board though this is not qualified for automotive applications.

If you’ve got a commercial application where you wish to test the ACM devices, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with ScioSense to facilitate evaluation and integration into your design.

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