Free online simulator speeds development with realistic performance predictions for silicon carbide

At PCIM, ipXchange had another rare chat with an industry giant, this time about a free online tool that seemed too useful to not mention.

Talking with Didier from onsemi, we learned about their new PLECS model generator and simulator, Elite Power Simulator. This platform allows engineers to simulate the performance of onsemi’s silicon carbide (SiC) products in circuits for a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, renewable energy, and more.

The goal of Elite Power Simulator is to provide the most realistic performance expectations when a design engineer is looking to make the transition from silicon to SiC devices, rather than relying on specifications in a datasheet, which might not reflect real-world scenarios. This tool accounts for parasitic effects in your design and can simulate hard- and soft-switching characteristics of onsemi’s SiC devices. Once the engineer is happy with the simulation, they can order the parts required for their project and try out their design in real life.

With accurate testing now possible, without requiring a sample in hand, Elite Power Simulator saves costs for all parties involved while simultaneously reenforcing confidence in onsemi’s products; an engineer should no longer get the nasty surprise of realising the performance of their design does not match up to the ideal figures of a datasheet. The subsequent redesign time is also reduced by these prior simulations.

Since this is a free online platform, we’ll link you straight to onsemi’s website to have a play. All that’s required to get started is an account so that you have a way of keeping track of your simulations:

Obviously, everyone has different needs for their design, so check out the other SiC products ipXchange has covered by heading to our website, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology. It won’t come with a full simulation, but, for the most part, you never know how something will behave until you plug it in: browse SiC products here.

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