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How to measure heartrate with an AI camera

Simultaneous remote vital signs monitoring and facial detection with a camera? All that and more is possible with Synaptics’ Astra AIoT platform!

In ipXchange’s second demonstration of Synaptics’ new Astra AIoT platform at Embedded World 2024, Eamon chats with Miljan from Darwin Edge, one of Synaptics’ partners for this year’s show.

In case you didn’t see it, our previous video introduces Astra and gives a thorough rundown of this new hardware + software unified development environment, which allows engineers to easily swap out their choice of Synaptics processing SoC and connectivity card. Modular AIoT development has never been this streamlined.

But this video is about what you can do with such a platform, and as Miljan shows us, Astra enables the development and deployment of camera-only vital signs monitoring thanks to its high-performance AI and video processing capabilities.

By detecting a person’s face, isolating their skin, and monitoring the subtle changes in skin tone, this system can detect a person’s heartrate without the need for direct contact – an accurate reading can be determined after around 8 seconds of sampling.

The open-source nature of Synaptics’ software environment, which includes AI development tools, makes it even easier to get started when porting complex workloads to hardware that is built with power-constrained IoT applications in mind.

Learn more about Astra by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to be an early adopter of this technology and evaluate it for use in your commercial projects on full release in Q3 2024.

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