ipX Roundup 7 – Celebrating ipXchange’s friends and partners for Embedded World 2024!

Yes, in a rather scary last-working-Friday morning call for March, it seems that Embedded World 2024 is now under 3 weeks away!

Given that, this week seemed like a great time to finally reveal ipXchange’s official partners for the show, who will be joining us on our booth (4A-101) to demonstrate and champion their technology. What better way to do that than with some pre-show coverage:

We shifted our Community ProjeX post to Monday this week, with long-time ipXchange community member Alexandra Covor providing more insight into how she designed her RP2040-based PicoFlutter wearable, and how MicroPython and C-type programming languages fit best into an engineer’s learning and career journey.

Tuesday began ipXchange’s pre-Embedded World coverage of our official booth partners with an ipXperience with ScioSense, where Guido and Jan shared the many application demos and use cases for the low-power, high-precision ENS220 pressure and temperature sensor.

On Wednesday, we caught up with Henrik from Alif Semiconductor for a roundup of the different evaluation platforms that ipXchange has shown previously in our coverage of Alif’s time at CES 2024, and which applications areas are best suited for each of them.

Thursday’s video announced Arduino’s selection of the Portenta C33 as another key product that ipXchange will show on its booth, and Eamon did his best to highlight why this fully certified Cortex-M33 board is a great entry point for engineers who want to take their Arduino experience to the industrial sector.

And on Friday, ipXchange took a deep dive into exactly how Ambient Scientific discovered its own pathway to ultra-low-power on-chip AI with another interview with GP Singh. If you’ve ever wondered what analogue matrix computing is and what it enables for AI, this is one to watch!

Check out the full posts by following these links:

Educational Butterflies and Raspberry Pi’s RP2040
The many applications of ScioSense’s ENS220
Which Alif AI/ML dev kit is right for you?
Revisiting Arduino’s industrial entry point
How Ambient Scientific discovered economical AI

We’ve got some very exciting things coming next week, including this month’s ipXchange Thought Piece, so subscribe to our YouTube channel for the earliest notifications, enjoy the weekend, and as always…

Keep designing!

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