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Which Alif AI/ML dev kit is right for you?

Continuing our pre-show content with our official partners at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange presents another ipXperience with our good friend Henrik Flodell from Alif Semiconductor. 

Guy covered a lot of ground with Henrik at CES 2024, so for this chat, Eamon and Henrik discuss the three evaluation platforms that Alif currently has for engineers to test the performance of the Ensemble MCUs and fusion processors. For the uninitiated, these Cortex-M55 devices boast incredible AI/ML performance at a fraction of the power consumption of other solutions, thanks to the integrated Ethos-U55 microNPU(s). 

But as anyone who has played Pokémon will know, any great journey starts with a choice of three options with different strengths, and AI application development with Alif Semiconductor is no different: 

Alif’s main development board for its Ensemble devices provides engineers with access to all aspects of the device through easy-to-connect-to headers and testing points.

It enables isolated examination of the device as well as connections to your choice of peripherals as you develop your application. This one’s for the full-freedom-of-development engineers.

The AI/ML AppKit is Alif’s larger of two application-focussed boards, with a wealth of peripherals – display, camera, analogue and digital microphones, IMU, and more – for immediate testing of Alif’s Ensemble devices within the context of an application. 

Alif has a wide range of ready-to-go models from facial recognition to natural language processing available, so if you’ve already been set a task to add AI to your next product line, this one’s for you. 

And the smallest of Alif’s dev boards is the Vision AppKit for those who want a connected solution thanks to Alif’s collaboration with Telit Cinterion. 

For those developing secure AIoT applications with high levels of user privacy, data from the onboard camera and microphones can be inferenced on-chip, after which the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity can be used to send only the meaning of the data to the cloud. Now that’s secure and private IoT! 

Enjoy the discussion of where and when to use each of these platforms as part of product development, and apply to test this technology by following any of the links above.  

With live demos of this and other technology on our booth, ipXchange’s Embedded World 2024 is going to blow some minds! Look forward to more pre-show content, and as always… 

Keep designing! 

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Are you ready to take the plunge into AI application development? The correct answer is ‘yes. Alif have made it very easy to get started, and they’ll have you doing it on battery power!

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