Alif Semiconductor + Telit Cinterion Vision AppKit

This board form can be used to register for early access to the Vision AppKit by Alif Semiconductor and Telit Cinterion.

The Vision AppKit is a postage-stamp-size board featuring Alif’s Ensemble E3 MCU – for high-level AI inferencing on battery power, thanks to a dual-Cortex-M55/Ethos-U55 architecture – combined with a camera and Telit Cinterion’s ME310 LTE Cat-M and WE310 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 modules to create one of the smallest, most powerful AI vision systems on the market.

This board is ideal for running facial/object/image detection and recognition AI/ML workloads configured through your favourite frameworks – such as TensorFlow or Edge Impulse – with next-level security and privacy as all processing is done on the device. The wireless connectivity can then be used to transmit inferencing data between devices without the need for image data to be uploaded to the cloud for processing or storage. This further reduces power consumption of the device, allowing it to run on a rechargeable LiPo battery.

ipXchange also spots a user button and dual microphones on the board, though this is speculatory as the full technical details are not yet publicly available. Fill out the form below if you would like to learn more and/or put Alif and Telit Cinterion’s device to the test for use in a commercial application.

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