ipXchange’s first community article! Router security in the IoT: open-source vs. proprietary firmware

Presented on ipXchange.tech’s new-for-2024 ‘community content’ section, this article by Valerii Haidarzhy at Sirin Software provides a deep dive into the advantages and disadvantages of open-source (OpenWRT) and proprietary router firmware for keeping your IoT safe from attacks.

Key points include easier usage for proprietary routers but much faster bug fixes for the open-source alternative, thanks to a community-led approach. We won’t spoil this great read, so check out the full article on our community content page.

This first project came to ipXchange courtesy of a chat with Alex and Daria at Sirin Software – Daria was the user to upload the piece – and we look forward to presenting another article that was teased to us during this chat.

If you’ve got an interesting project or article and wish to share it on ipXchange, now you can! We encourage anything related to electronics and related technologies, and we’d love to see some comparisons of competing components and how you’ve managed to solve your design challenges. Sign up as a member and submit your project today.

A massive thanks to the team at Sirin Software for this first contribution, and as always…

Keep designing!

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